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Affiliation: N.ALAWDEEN LTD. Title: President

Nilam Alawdeen

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Affiliation: N.ALAWDEEN LTD.

Title: President

Birthplace: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Nilam Alawdeen first arrived in Japan in 1959 and educated in Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and Japan. He is married and a father of three. Nilam founded N.Alawdeen Ltd, based in Tokyo, a manufacturer of fine jewelry supplying high-end department stores and high-end retail stores in Japan. He is also a founding investor of a Renewable Energy Company, Vidullanka PLC. The company is listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange. With his extensive business experiences, he currently serves as Member of the Board of CIBJO (World Jewelry Confederation) representing Japan, Vice Chairman of Colored Stone Commission of CIBJO, Vice Chairman of Japan Gem Society, and Member of the Board of All Japan Jewelry Wholesalers Association. As well as his business life, Nilam makes a significant contribution to the Japanese society in his private life serving as the Chairman of the Board of Tokyo Lawn Tennis Club as well as being a member of many international society.