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Affiliation: Fujitsu Network Solutions Limited. Title: Director

Chinthake Gunatilake

Experience & Activities

Affiliation: Fujitsu Network Solutions Limited.

Title: Director

Birthplace: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Arrived in Japan in 1991 on a “Monbusho” scholarship while waiting for admission to University of Moratuwa. After an intensive 6month Japanese language course in Tokyo, completed bachelor’s degree in Electrical and IT and master’s in Optical Communications in Hiroshima and Aichi. Joined Fujitsu, a global IT services provider in 1999 and have been involved in building communication networks for over 12 years in more than 30 countries specializing in Optical/Submarine/Wireless/Mobile technologies. Later moved into Global Sales to develop new markets such as oil/gas, dam/river, railway/highway/airport in the field of IT. Meeting Professor Cassim 10 years ago triggered a new strong desire to connect Sri Lanka and Japan via science and technology that resulted in contributing to establishing Japan Sri Lanka Innovation Platform (J-SLIP) in 2015, now redressed as SL-JCP. Especially have been deeply involved in the Green and Smart Mobility project and Natural Disaster Reduction/Prevention project from the very initial stages. Is currently director-in-charge of the Post-Covid Healthcare Technologies Project. Uplifting the living standards of the Base of Pyramid in the society, an eternal challenge truly worthwhile, is the driving force behind the commitment to SL-JCP.