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Affiliation: T-Plan Inc. Title: Vice President

Tamotsu Mizobe

Experience & Activities

Affiliation: T-Plan Inc.

Title: Vice President

Birthplace: Nakatsu City, Oita, Japan

Since the beginning of his career as an engineer in 1994, Tamotsu Mizobe has worked in a variety of engineering projects, mainly in the field of construction and manufacturing. After he co-founded T-Plan Inc. in 2006, he has joined a major automaker as a guest engineer for eight years to provide technical support such as development of new model development, introduction of production lines and other facilities. In 2014, as part of T-Plan’s overseas project, he started a series of field researches on traffic issues in Sri Lanka. Receiving the official support from the government of Sri Lankan in 2017, Smart and Green Mobility Project was started to contribute to industrial promotion and environmental improvement in Sri Lanka that aims to build an electric vehicle industry in Sri Lanka.